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tattoo junkie was created by creative circus with the sole intention of archiving [in a social medium] the world of INK artwork / artists / stories. People choose their bodies as canvas and the process from "inspiration" to " tattoo shop" to " tattoo artist" is something that has so much meaning whether intended or not.

The foundation of the site is to give proper credit to tattoo artists. The amount of variety and skill that comes with this art-form is so under appreciated. Our goal is to create the best tools to display / share / credit tattoo artists and the people that wear their artwork.

tattoo junkie ™ the social network for ink addicts. This network concentrates on the ART of tattoos - the ARTISTS that create them + the stories behind them. Our goal is to create the largest network of tattoo art in the world. Here you can create a personal web page and upload all your pictures of your tattoos. With each picture you choose and input a category, artist, description, body location, keywords & inspiration. This detailed account of the artwork will allow the tattoo matrix™ to search and cross-reference on multiple levels creating a one of a kind archive of tattoo artwork & artists. We also allow artists + shops to create pages and be in our TATTOO ONLINE DIRECTORY as we aim to create the largest online resource for tattoo shops and artists.

tattoo junkie ™ is not just a tattoo artwork archive & directory but a social network with blogs, forums, videos, arcade, dating, groups and a place to post events.

Tattoos are on all types of people in all age & economic ranges. The one thing that all people with a tattoo have in common is a story behind their tattoos...
tattoo junkie ™ was created for those stories, pictures, video, and everything else wrapped up in the world of ink.

*** tattoo junkie : a social network for ink addicts ***